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Superior quality of TARRAGON, sterile variety with narrow and thick leaves and very strong flavour, originating from IRAN and are mainly cultivated in two regions in the world: Iran & France. On a more factual note, this plant, belonging to the Aster family (like absinthe), measuring 30 cm to 1 m 50 cm, gently stimulates the stomach, facilitating digestion. Tarragon is also a great substitute for salt. The fragrant leaves of Tarragon are used as a gourmet and popular herb and as an excellent seasoning in European and in American cuisine. Tarragon goes into the preparation of Tarragon vinegar and flavours mustard. The plant is an essential ingredient in fine-herb mixtures. It is also used to garnish fresh salads and flavour various liqueurs and in perfumery. The pale-yellow essential oil produced by steam distillation of the whole upper part of the plant has applications in pickle canning, as a flavouring for vinegar and liqueurs, in perfumery and in the manufacture of scented toilet preparations.

In Iran, we cultivate and dehydrate and export Dried Tarragon leaves to European and North American market, directly or indirectly mainly through European brokers, in particular we are main supplier of dried Tarragon Leaves to France. Season of Production for dried Tarragon in IRAN is started from end of March until October in each year. In addition, we produce TARRAGON essential oil and dehydrate industrially other culinary herbs such as Parsley, Spinach, Coriander Leaves, Fenugreek Leaves, dill weed…, and Vegetables such as Tomato and Onion, Cauliflower…, and fruits such as apple and flowers such as Pink Rose buds and petals based on firm order.


Description: Dehydrated leaves of the perennial plant “ Artemisia Dracunculus”

Origin: IRAN

Visual: The colour of the dried leaves ranges from pale green to Grey-green.

Appearance: The product will be free from extraneous odours and flavours, mould, alive or dead insects.

Stems: Max. 5%

Moisture: Max. 7%

Yellow Leaves: Max. 3%

Salmonella: None in 25gr

Foreign matters: Max. 1%



Prices for dried Tarragon leaves divided in two groups based on Varieties namely in international market:

1-   French (Iranian) sterile variety

2-   Russian fertile variety

French (Iranian) sterile variety has better quality and higher price in comparison with Russian fertile variety in International market.

Prices for Iranian dried Tarragon leaves is changing based on:

 1- Quality: less stems and yellow leaves increased prices, as well as Organic dried Tarragon leaves are evaluated with highest price compared with Industrial dried Tarragon Leaves.

2-   Season: Concluding contracts before starting season of production reduce extra expenses and will be caused to stable the market for both parties exporter in Iran and Importer in abroad



Inspection by world famous inspection companies is recommended as the best way to get confidence about quality and quantity before shipment.    


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